February 18, 2007

Mac OS X Must have software.

When i got a Mac Book Pro to use as a developments box i had to search for software to do what i used to do on my windows PC.

So here is the list of software that i think are the best software to have on your Mac to get you started.

  • Firefox
  • Smultron (text editor)
  • TextWrangler (text editor)
  • Coda (web editor)
  • Adium (Chat)
  • Vienna (RSS)
  • iBackup (Quick Backup)
  • FileZilla (FTP)
  • Chicken of the VNC
  • SmartCVS
  • SmartSynchronize (Cool Diff tool)
  • QuickSilver (keyboard app shortcuts)
  • Remote Desktop Connection (MS TS)
  • MacBreakZ (take a break when your body needs it)
  • RealPlayer (Play Windows Media Formats )
  • VLC (Play strange format)
  • BetterZip (Compress files viewer)
  • OmniGraffle
Let me know if you know any other cool software to try out..

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