September 20, 2008

Build systems and Maven 2...

Build systems and Maven 2...

Every project I worked on needed a build system and most of the time it has been a big ugly ant build system which once written no one wants to own it or say they worked on it. Over the last few year i stared using maven at work. At that point of time Maven 2 was the new build system that should solve every build system nightmare. At first it was hard using maven, things that our old build system maven could not due out of the box. But over the years i learned to love and hate maven with the help of a few plugins.

In this blog i list and try to show how i used different Maven 2 plugins to make my new application system the best it can be with a maven build system.

Web Service WSDL to Java AutoGen

As you can tell, i use a lot of maven and a lot of maven plugins to make my build system simple and easy for me to release the applications and also this will server a simple get up and go for any new developer that joins my team. I'll be creating a blog page for each topic/plugin and tell you how i use it and who make it a pain in the ass. So if i you are looking for info on a plugin and it is not listed yet... leave a comment and i'll get back to you ASAP.


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