October 9, 2008

Trafic Statistic for Blogger or any site

So i been doing web work for about 10 years now and i used many tools over the years to analyze traffic to my site, and i used things like Web Trends in the late 90s and went for a while without.

Now that i have my blog up and running again i was interested to see how it is doing... I used a few free apps sites but they looked limited.

But i think i found a winner... It is none other than Google... check out Google Analytics

I was able to use it to add a few scripts to my blogger blog (using insert html section) and i did the same to my other sites... and wala i was able to start to see new reports every day... i don't think they are real time but i don't need that...

so check it out... another great product for free from google

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