October 24, 2008

Upgrade ATT Tilt to Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM

htc tilt pdaphone
I also did this on my Tilt, it has a few new things that are kinda cool.

Windows Mobile 6.1 for PPC features that i like:
  1. Voice Commands are kinda cool, still learning about them
  2. Email Setup and Setup updates are much better and easier
Check out the HTC site to download the Windows Mobile 6.1  ROM for the ATT Tilt

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  1. Update:

    So WM6.1 is somewhat unstable it think. I also had a few friends with the same Phone and ROM and had the same issues...

    Conclusion, If you are happy with your 6.0 RAM i would not upgrade as most 3rd party software are not will tuned to work on 6.1... Nice Going MS Mobile Team.