November 18, 2008

spring-ws does not send carriage return to server

So while trying to use spring-ws to send a String to the back end server where the string contains a carriage return \t \r or \n we were not able to do so.

The reason is not spring-ws but the XML parser
xsd:token — Whitespace is swallowed or replaced and collapsed strings
"The lexical and value spaces of xsd:token are the sets of all strings after whitespace replacement; i.e., after any occurrence of #x9 (tab), #xA (linefeed), or #xD (carriage return).These are replaced by an occurrence of #x20 (space) and collapsing. Collapsing is when contiguous occurrences of spaces are replaced by a single space, and leading and trailing spaces are removed."
check out RELAX NG for more info.

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