December 12, 2008

Maven 2 - Couldn't find the release X among the supplied releases

In my Blog about maven-changes-plugin. I made the following comment

Note: The changes plugin has an issue where if the changes.xmldoes not include an entry for a release matching the build releaseversion, the build will fail after deploying the war/jar/etc to themaven repository.
Here is an example of that error...

[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] Couldn't find the release '1.14.2' among the supplied releases.
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Again the fix is to make sure that the changes.xml has a release with the same number that you are building... and to fix that after the maven has tagged your source code is to check in an updatedchanges.xml with a matching release and retag it with the release tagthen call cvs update and mvn release:prepare again