December 16, 2008

Remove Garmin GPS Custom POI

I got a new Garmin GPS and installed software on my Mac and PC and now i have an issue..

POI that installed Using the Mac POI Loader can't be deleted, that Said, POI installed using the Windows Software of POI Loader can be removed by the Windows POI Loader.

Here are the steps to remove POI using the windows POI Loader from Garmin

  1. Install the POI Loader Software - Windows Version
  2. Connect GPS to the computer user the USB cable
  3. Open the POI Loader program
  4. Follow instruction about finding the device
  5. After finding the device click next, the software will let you install or Remove ALL  previously installed custom POIs from your device, select Remove ALL then click Next
  6. Your POI will now be removed. 

you can then reinstall only the POI that you want.

That said, i still can't remove the POI that i installed using the Mac POI Loader.... DON"T Use the Mac Version if you can... I had to reset the device to factory setting to get these POI Off.

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