December 15, 2008

Removing MyStoreRewards paypal API auth

So i been on ebay for years, i buy and i sell, last month I bought a product from a seller that is using which is a site that helps sellers give a % of the sale back to the buyer to keep they happy and sell more items... So i got something back like $.04 so i said i'll try it out... That said, a month later I find an invoice for $7.99. Since i have seller account as well, they started sending my buyers cashback.

Anyway Now i don't want that service anymore, i could not find a way to move the paypal API Auth from paypal, too me a while but i find it. Here is the steps to do so.
  1. Login to paypal
  2. Click My Account Tab
  3. Click Profile Sub Section
  4. Click API Access under Account Info.
  5. Under Grand API Permission click view or change
  6. select the MyStoreRewards permission 
  7. click remove.

Now you are all done


  1. Could you post an updated version of these instructions? I'm trying to remove this app, but can't figure out how to do so with the new PayPal format.

  2. yes, I am trying to do that as well. Do not see a link for API as the photo displays. Was VERY excited to see exactly what I was looking for though