January 12, 2009

Check out Microsoft Tags as Seen on CSI NY

If you are a CSI NY fan, you may have seen the "CSI: NY: Dead Inside" where
"Lindsay shows Mac that the cards are for a website: Secrets You. Peoplein bars fill out their secrets, get a PO Box address from the QR code,and the site owners post them on the website. The PO Box, however, ispaid for in cash, so the owner is unknown."

Over the weekend one of my Microsoft friends showed Microsoft's version of QR Codes.

So what is a MS Tag:

"Microsoft Tag connects real life with the digital world. Microsoft Tags are small, colorful codes that can be printed, stuck, or displayed just about anywhere. When you snap a Tag with the camera on your internet-enabled phone, additional information or experiences are automatically opened on your phone. There is no fumbling with URLs or texting short codes. Microsoft Tags can make product packages, posters, print-based ads, magazine articles, exhibit signage, billboards, storefronts, business card, or just about anything else, interactive."

Here is an example on an XBOX 360 game

"Microsoft says the idea isn't to replace the traditional UPC barcodes used in checkout lines, but to supplement them."

checkout where you can download software for your phone and create tags.

Now that you have a Tag you can use your phone to read the data off the tag... I installed software on my Windows Mobile 6.1 - ATT Tilt phone, but I also seen it on the iPhone... Get software at
It is cool and it maybe something you see more of around town if Microsoft has it's way. Check it out and tell me what you think.

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