April 11, 2009

Mantis: Bug Tracking. Installation How To

I been looking for a simple and to the point Bug tracking system.

Today I insalled Manstis on my hosting account. Here are the steps on how i got working so that i can file my 1st bug.

  1. Visit
  2. Download the latest stable version (1.1.6)
  3. upload the file to your hosting company
  4. extract the file
  5. create a mySQL user account
  6. create a mySQL db
  7. give the mySQL user permission on the DB
  8. visit the url where you extracted the file, you will asked about the info above
  9. once your done you can login with Administrator and root
  10. click “Manage Projects.” Click “Create New Project.”
  11. Click “Manage Projects” again, and click the project that you just created. Here you will be able to set up bug categories, user access, and version information.

    You should disable Administrator account after you create an account for yourself.

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