July 14, 2009

htc fuze error 262 rom install

So I had windows mobile phones for a while now, and I always stayed with official ROMs which are nice but not great... But the last "official" ROM for my ATT FUZE is garbage... so I desired to try to upgrade my Fuze to WM (Windows Mobile) 6.5 which I'm at it.....

After Reading a posting on about a new ROM called AHEN R6f which looks great. The Ahen ROM includes; Black skin menu enhancement, Black n White Notification enhancement, FDC Task Manager, Touch Pro XT9, Keyboard switcher, Battery Guard, and much much more...

When trying to install the ROM i keept on getting the following error message "ERROR [262] : CONNECTION ERROR"

After "googling" this for a while, i remembered that a friend said to install "cooked" ROMs you need to unlock the device 1st....

So here are the steps needed to get a new ROM on your phone...  See the following XDA posting for more info 

Flashing via ActiveSync with USB Lead (thanks to OliNex)

  1. Download Hard-SPL package and unzip it to your Hard Drive. Make sure it's launched from a local drive (not through network drive, etc.) 
  3. Turn phone back on and let it boot back into your operating system
  4. Connect your phone to PC with a USB cable and wait until it syncs with your PC
  5. Run RaphaelHardSPL-Unsigned_190_1_3.exe
  6. Follow steps in the RUU (Rom Update Utility), check device for prompts after PC shows loading bar
  7. You may need to agree to run the software on your phone.
  8. It should go to a black screen now 
  9. SPL flashes, device automatically reboots, job done 
  10. To confirm you installed it correctly, go into bootloader mode (tricolour screen!) and verify the screen shows 1.90.OliNex

Now that that all worked you will need to download the ROM (pick your fav) Run the Custom_RUU.exe and you should now see the rom install fully. 

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