July 20, 2009

Interview Questions: Web Developer

Here is a set of Interview Questions that i used a few month back... Thought to post them before i delete them from my computer... It might be useful for someone else...

Rate your HTML Knowledge (1-5) and why?
What are the pros and cons of using tables for layout? Do you use tables? What are the pros and cons of tables design? How do you generally layout your pages?

Rate your CSS Knowledge (1-5) and why?
How do you organize your CSS?
What order are they read in?
What are the pros and cons of using absolute positioning?
Did you ever work with a creative team?

Rate your JavaScript Knowledge (1-5) and why?
What JavaScript Lib did you use if any? why did you select that one?

Rate your Web Knowledge  (1-5) and why?
Web Page optimized for browser? Xros browser testings?
What do you think  of hacks?
Web 2.0 What does it mean?

Rate your XML Knowledge? (1-5) and why?
What is an XSD?

Rate your JSP Knowledge? (1-5) and why?

JSP display tags... loops
Java Qs

Development Env.
What version control systems do you use?
What industry sites and blogs do you read regularly?
What web browser do you use?
What is an optimized page?

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