August 19, 2009

Google Quick Search Box will replace QuickSilver

For years now I been using QuickSilver. If ever I’m installing OSX from scratch, or configuring a virgin Mac, Quicksilver by Blacktree is the first application that gets installed.

What it does allow you do to perform various system actions by simply entering a few letter into its search box. The simplest function you’ll use Quicksolver for is launching an application. This is done by calling up the Quicksilver search window with and then typing in a few letters from the name of the application. This function alone saves a great deal of time for apps that aren’t resident on your dock, but represents only the tip of the iceberg of Quicksilver’s functionality. 

That all is about to change... Say hello to Google "QSB" it is so QuickSilver like, people think Google hired the same guy who did QuickSilver. 

Like Quicksilver, Google Quick Search not only searches for and launches files and applications—it also can drill down into content and perform context-specific actions. So, for example, Google Quick Search indexes my Address Book contacts; if I perform a quick search to pull up my contact card, I can hit Tab to drill down into possible actions to perform—like composing an email or starting an IM chat.

Check it out and download it at

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  1. Just to be clear, we did hire the same guy who was originally behind Quicksilver.

    Glad you like QSB.