August 21, 2009

Real Estate Agent Interview Questions

The following are a list of interview questions that i used when conducting real estate interviews to select an agent.

But you meet an agent in person you may want to ensure that when you email/call the agent with the request, the time to get back to you is a good indicator of the level of communication the agent is welling to invest.  
The next set of questions are for when you meet. I used them to get the conversation started, you need to dig deeper on the answer of each question.


  • Are licensed, what level and if license up to date? When does it expire?
  • if they are a broker or an agent. Brokers are more experienced?
  • Do your practice on FT/PT? 
  • What is your communication levels and methods are?
  • What are your working/viewing hours?
  • What training do they take to stay current?
  • How good are they at using the Internet?
  • What type of training they have for marketing homes on the web?
  • How do you price our house?
  • How do you plan to ensure our house sells?
  • How do you make our house stand apart of from the rest?
  • How do you prepare our house for Sale?
  • Do you work with a staging company?
  • How long do you think it will take?
  • What improvement should we make before listing the condo?
  • What is your commission for selling?

For sellers, ask the agent how they plan to market and sell your house. Get it all in writing, absolutely no verbal promises. You want them to blitz the market and get your house into the premium listings and the free listings, and all the online web sites. You want your house to be found. You want no surprises or excuses later on. Pin them down and get their battle plan in writing now.

  • Ask if they are willing to offer more commission to the buyer's agent.
  • Ask if they will accept a contract for 90 days or less.


  • How many houses do you expect us to see before we can find the one? 
  • Do you work with properties in distress?
  • New construction?
  • What is your commission for buying?

Home buyers and home sellers should both ask their agent if they will get them a printout of all the recent selling prices AND the original listing prices of homes in their area, showing what the owners paid for them, how much they sold for, and full details on the homes.

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