October 9, 2009

Get your Lowes Home Depot 10% Off Coupons

To obtain the Lowes 10% off coupons you must get them from the United States Post Offices. They are the only source of these coupons that expire on October
31st 2009 and February 15th 2010.

The Coupon comes along with several other coupons inside the "Change of Address Forms" otherwise known as "Movers Guides"

Up and until just recently the post office displayed these in large numbers in and around there offices but some offices have now begun to hand them out only to those who ask for them.

The newest batch of change of address forms arrive at post offices after Sept 1st and expire February 15th 2010. Each Lowes coupon saves you 10% on your entire purchase up to $5000 at most home improvement stores. Just one coupon can save you as much as $500.

These coupon can be used at Home Depot as they will honor Competitors coupons.

You can also get them online at the following locations:
Lowes Moving Web site where if you fill out their "Request your Coupon" form. They will email you one coupon in about 3 days, but Home Depot will not accept these.
Home Depot moving website, and they will mail you a coupon.
USPS Moving, but you need to be moving to get these 10% off Lowes (same offers as in USPS office).

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