October 20, 2009

Google Voice for Newbies: Introduction

Google Voice for Newbies: Introduction: "Hi there! Heather and I work at Google, but are new to Google Voice. Over the next couple months, we'll be exploring this service and sharing our experiences on the Google Voice blog. We hope that by seeing the service through the eyes of a new user, our initial reactions will help us identify areas that might need more explanation, and provide this feedback to the Voice team. We'd also like to highlight some of Google Voice's features and share ideas on how to get the most out of this service.

Today, we signed up for our Google Voice phone numbers. Signing up and choosing a number is pretty straightforward. I love chocolate, so I tried to integrate that into my number. I was initially excited with my vaguely food-related number, but thinking it over a bit more, I probably won't be so proud of it when I'm 70. Scratch that. When I'm 35. Heather likes to surf, so she's pretty happy with her aquatic themed number. Keep in mind that once you pick your number, you won't be able to change it (unless you pay a $10 fee). Just like the Grail Knight said to Indiana Jones, choose wisely!

After Heather and I registered our numbers, we stopped... What do we do next? After a quick poke around, we found our answers in the Google Voice Getting Started Guide, which takes you step by step into the world of Voice.

We'll conclude this post with our recommendation to check out the Google Voice Getting Started Guide; also, consider checking out the Getting Started category in the Google Voice Help Forum. These sites really helped us find our voice (pun intended!).

Posted by Carol and Heather

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