October 26, 2009

HP HDX 16 fingerprint reader driver

So with the upgrade to Windows 7 for you HP HDX 16 laptop or any other laptop you will notice that HP does now have a download software for the Fingerprint Reader Software or drivers...

Note: My Hardware had the following ID "USB\VID_138A&PID_0001&REV_0372"

Here is how to get it working:

  1. Download the Vista Version of Digital Persona Fingerprint Reader Software
  2. Download the Visa Validity Fingerprint Sensor Driver 

"Windows 7 supports two different fingerprint driver models. Microsoft’s new driver model is Windows Biometric Framework (WBF). It standardizes biometric application APIs and is unique to Windows 7. The other supported driver model is Windows Driver Framework (WDF). WDF enables all fingerprint sensor logon and application features on systems running Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7."

so based on the above the Vista stuff will not work in Windows 7, so download the following Drivers for windows 7 from Validity (Windows 7 WBF)

this worked for me ...

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