October 26, 2009

Setup Firefox 3.5 to Launch Google App GMail for mailto Links

So you love your google hosted email on your own domain (google apps) but Can't get the mailto links in web pages to full work... check out the following cleared up steps... I have to keep googleing this so might as well save them here...

  1. Open a new tab in FireFox.
  2. type about:config
  3. search for network.protocol-handler.external.mailto and make sure it is set to true
  4. go to your google apps mail (gmail).
  5. in the window URL type
    javascript:window.navigator.registerProtocolHandler("mailto","","My Domain Mail") then hit enter.
  6. When you see the Add Application button near the address bar click it.
  7. in Firefox's Tools menu, choose Options. (Mac users, go to the Preferences dialog.) In the Applications tab, search for mailto. and you can select your "My Domain Mail" as the default or you can ask firefox to ask you every time.

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