January 3, 2010

Best iPod/iPhone toddler apps

As a parent of a toddler you know that you can never look at your iPhone/iPod Touch around your kids without hearing the following words...

"Daddy I want to see something in your Phone"

Over the last year my iPhone and my wife's iPhone have been "borrowed" by our son when we are in the car, home, really anywhere where he is board and want to do something different...

The following are apple store apps that our phone must have or our kid will ask for the games... they all cost about $0.99 - $1.99 but used lots by our son... check them out... we recommend them.


It keeps your toddler entertained and he/she learns to improve shape recognition and motor activity. Choose from 20 different puzzle pictures, all including funny sound effects.

Price: $0.99

A fun and cute game aimed at children between the ages of 2 and 5. Help the monkey count, match, differentiate colors and letters, as well as helping the monkey solve puzzles that will teach shapes and pattern recognition. Price: $0.99

It a fun game for toddlers that helps them to develop their motor skills and teaches them animal names and sounds at the same time. When your toddler taps a specific animal’s icon, they hear the name of the animal announced and a recording of the animal’s natural sound. This game is intended for 1-2 year old toddlers, or adults who love the sounds of animals! Price: FREE

Giraffe's Matching Zoo is a vibrant and exciting mind development game designed for children, but fun for all ages. Every adorable animal makes a unique and entertaining sound.Fun music, cute animations and special effects make this game a blast to play. Price: FREE

Preschool Adventure is a package of six colorful interactive games that take full advantage of the multimedia capabilities on the iPhone and iPod Touch.
Price: $0.99

Old MacDonald's Farm

The app is of course based on the popular children's song about Old MacDonald and his animal farms. When you start up the game, the farm is empty and is waiting to be populated with animals. The game features two stages. First, your child will have to select which animal goes on a farm by picking one from the animal wheel on the screen. As he rotates the wheel, the animals will make their specific sounds in turn. If he picks the wrong animal, it will disappear in one of three funny ways and he will have to choose again. When he gets it right, hear the full Old MacDonald song and move on to stage two. Price: $0.99

Hope you download a few of these and hope it keep your kids busy.

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