January 2, 2010

Comcast Internet Save $5 a month

You might be one of the many Comcast Cable Internet customers who did not notice the company is Hiking Cable-Modem Fee to $5 From $3 Monthly Nationwide. What do you get for that, we are not sure but a 66% rate increase make it not worth it to keep paying for the modem rental.

If you buy the Linksys CM100 Cable Mode for about ~ $60 from Amazon or Best buy it will pay for it self in a year... and after that you will be saving $5 a month. Even if you only have cable internet for 1 year you can sell sell the modem and make money back. So save some money in the long run and get the modem.

For installation just follow the few simple steps:

  1. Unhook the old modem
  2. Plug the new modem in the wall 
  3. Hook up the cable to the modem
  4. Call 1 800 Comcast and give the service rep. the Mac address of the new modem off the box.

Don't forget to return the old modem as they will stop billing you only when they receive the old modem. 

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