January 3, 2010

jailbreak iphone, not the new once... bad iBoot

About a month ago i had an 3GS iPhone die... yes just die... not able to boot it after it got so hot... Apple store replaced it with a device, they don't  tell you if it is new or refurbished. I spent 6 hours trying to jailbreak it the standard way using Pwnage Pie from the iPhone Dev Team which i have used many times before on 3G and 3GS but the restore would not work... so i tried a new Jail Break system called blackra1n.... it worked but every time i reboot the phone i get the recovery mode screen. Which requires me to plug the iPhone to my computer and running baclkra1n again... the phone would still be jailbroken but it was annoying...

So here are the facts...

Recently produced 3GSs require a tethered JB. It means each time the phone is rebooted, it must be connected to a PC/Mac and the Blackra1n app needs to be run. Once it is run and boots up, the phone works like it should in the state it was when you rebooted.

That doesn't mean you lose your JB or UL. It only means it needs to be connected to a PC and use BR1 to get past the bootup sequence each time.

Check the serial # of the phone under Settings | General | About. If the 4th and 5th digit of the serial is "40" or higher, then you got a phone with the new iBoot and will require this each time its rebooted, unless/until someone comes up with a way to hack this in the future. And this applies if you use BR1 or PwnageTool/custom IPSW to JB. No tools exist currently to get around this.

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