May 13, 2010

Google Apps Start Page EOL

Today I got the following email from Google Apps team... No more, all will move to igoogle.. I really hope that now i can use most of the google widgets with my good apps...

Dear Google Apps admin,

We’re sharing some news about changes coming in response to many customers who would like the Start Page to work more like the full experience.

On July 1, 2010, the Start Page will automatically be converted to iGoogle. The Start Page gadgets your users have configured will be migrated to iGoogle pages, after which users can modify their iGoogle gadgets, tabs and themes. Your Start Page web address will automatically redirect your users to iGoogle.

No further action is required on your part, but you can convert your Google Apps Start Page to the full iGoogle experience before the automatic migration takes place by opting in from the control panel. Alternatively, if you would like to retain more control over the user experience, you can consider creating a new User Start Page in Google Sites (, which allows for locked content and control over available gadgets.

We hope this upgrade to iGoogle will give your users a better way to personalize, customize and centralize the information that’s most important to them. If you think they would benefit from advance notice about this change, please communicate to them as desired.


The Google Apps Team


  1. Have you tried to opt-in and upgrade now? I can't find the option in the Google Apps control panel. I run the premier edition. Thanks!

  2. When I logged in into "Manage this domain" i got this message

    "We are upgrading the Start Page to iGoogle soon for everybody, but you can do it right away. Upgrade now"