August 29, 2010

IntelliJ IDEA X Release - Major Grails & Groovy, Updates

I have been an eclipse user for years, but with a job change I giave IDEA a fresh look as I'm starting to use Grails. I got to say I like it... I'm getting used to it... now i see that the next version will have the following features


Change Method Signature refactoring is now working for both Groovy and Java code
Compiler: navigation from the generated stubs to the Groovy classes
HotSwap for Groovy classes
Easy Grape dependencies downloading
Groovy list->object, map->object, closure->object conversions, traits support
In-place rename for local variables
Gant: Ant task names completion (requires Ant Support plugin enabled)


GSP: completion for attributes 'action', 'controller', 'template', 'contextPath', 'plugin'
GSP: resolving variables defined in tags like g:each, g:set, etc.
GSP: support for JavaScript in tags like 'onSuccess', 'onFailture', etc.
Preliminary debugging of GSP pages.
Completion for the value of action/controller parameters in built-in methods redirect(), render(), forward(), chain().
Source and javadoc jars detection for Ivy dependencies if they exist in the local Ivy cache.
Renaming related artifacts together (e.g. renaming matching .gsp together with a controller action, renaming matching test classes together with production ones, etc.)

Check out "IntelliJ IDEA X Early Release - Major Grails & Groovy.." for more features

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