September 9, 2010

Roles Every Technical Interview Should Have

If you conducting a interviews for so that you can add a new team member make sure that you include the following Roles in the Interview Loop.

Role 1: Cultural Fit

Ask you'r self:

  • Will this person fit in within the team? 
  • Will they be someone who can talk to our customers?
  • Are they a self starter or will they need lots of direction?
  • Do they seem like someone who will want to own problems/solutions?

Ask the Candidate :

  • Questions about their resume.  
  • Look for examples in their past work or education which demonsrate the characteristics described in the Goals.
  • Ask open ended questions about their preferred style of work.
  • Ask about team sizes, style.

Role 2: Programming

Can this candidate code Java(or The Primary Language) in a well organized, elegant, performant way.
Do they seem like they have written Java in anger.  Checking for NPEs, Javadoc and so forth.

  • Coding should be done on a white board.
  • Do they dry-run their solutions with appropriate test values?

Role 3: Yoda Role

Should see how deep and wide this persons experience and technical knowledge is.  These should be hard/expansive technical questions. How much growth potential does the person seem to have at first glance. Questions should be deliberately open ended.

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