November 1, 2010

Gradle + Groovy + Spring + Nexus = NO Maven

So I had a need to create a jar of a webservice rest client. I had some existing code in Grails (java/groovy) and wanted to move it to a standalone jar, not sure why but I started to read about Gradle as an alternative to maven's large pom.xml file.

My Requirements were:

  1. Upload to Nexus Repo
  2. Groovy
  3. Spring
  4. jar
  5. IDEA support

The following was my "build.gradle"

That is it... easy... small, quick... now what else should i convert to gradle


  1. If you already break away from Sonatype, why stick with Nexus? Artifactory does much better job on Gradle integration.

  2. artifactory is a huge pile of garbage compared to nexus. the db storage - yuck!
    so clunky and slow

    re-index, re-index, re-index... and still slow