May 2, 2011

Java: #1 programming language in use today.

"Java continues to dominate the developer landscape as the No. 1 programming language in use today. It remains atop the TIOBE Index. According to Simply Hired, since April 2009, Java jobs increased 52 percent. With Oracle now the steward of Java and having shepherded two new Java Specifications Requests mapping out the next two versions of the language and platform—Java 7 and Java –the language is due for enhancements to "move Java forward," Oracle said. The language is used for a variety of things, including enterprise apps, as well as Web and mobile development."
Java, C, C++: Top Programming Languages for 2011 - Application Development - News & Reviews -

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  1. Never had a doubt about it Java will remain Number 1 programming language. Though I see C and C++ will catch because of there native advantage but as an application programming language Java will remain 1st choice always.

    Why String is immutable in Java

  2. Java hosting is no more expensive. Even without their discounts seems to be the cheapest Java provider on the market

  3. Java gives you flexibility, also all these mobile devices with full java support makes it more and more popular. You can code apps easily, not even mention all available java frameworks, half (or more) job done before you even start writing your code. PHP is still very popular, especially when you doing some basic and small web based stuff, but problem with PHP is that it is just a scripting language, executed when web request comes, while java application can run continuosly in the background and performing many tasks and still gives you possibility to create web based front end for user quickly and easily. C/C++ is great, but it's kind of old-style languange which is going to be forgotten slowly, I think. Same reason C win battle with assembler, same reason java winning with C.

    and to Jonathan, JVM host is not that cheap anymore, at least not when you compare what you're getting to the price you're paying. They offer private tomcat with 64 MB heap size for almost $8, personally I'm hosting my java apps with as they offer tomcat with 128 MB heap size for similar price to JVM host. Recently also put my hands on something they call "Java VPS" (first impression is okay, but afterall it's just a simple VPS server with tomcat installed inside, so don't get too excited with "Java VPS" name, hehe).

    Anyway, it's good to see some nice stats, especially when the language of your choice is on 1st position! Looking forward to see some more recent / updated stats from you.